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I'm Aaron, your dedicated personal shopper offering convenient grocery delivery and shopping services wherever credit cards are accepted. I aim to provide an experience similar to having a knowledgeable personal assistant at your fingertips.

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My Story

My journey into personal shopping began in high school, where I made daily trips to Sam's Club during summer breaks to shop for my grandfather's deli business. This hands-on experience ignited my passion for efficient and thoughtful shopping, laying the groundwork for my career. I pursued and earned a bachelor's degree in Media & Cultural Studies from the University of California, Riverside.

During my academic pursuits, I began decade-long journey in the Animal Care industry; starting as a Veterinary Assistant and ultimately progressing to the role of Animal Control Officer. This role deepened my compassion, attention to detail, and dedication to serving others. In 2022, I decided to leave the Animal Care Industry to explore other opportunities.

Since then, I've successfully fulfilled over 3000 shopping orders across various delivery apps, gaining invaluable insights into customer preferences and optimizing shopping efficiency. This experience inspired me to establish "Shop with Aaron" in January 2024, where I remain committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to each client's unique needs. 


I am available via Call or Text during most days.

Please contact with any questions you may have.

Rancho Cucamonga and Surrounding Areas

(909) 275-4314

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